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Flame Retardants

  products are non-toxic, formulations that prevent fires from starting or spreading by a chemically self-extinguishing action. They have a quality called intumescences, which means they swell up and char to prevent the flame/fire from reaching the 'fuel' that they are protecting.

Wood products comply with UL 723 and meet or exceed NFPA and Building Code standards. Wood products were tested and Listed by Underwriters Laboratories and meet or exceed NFPA and Building Code standards. We do not just meet UL standards, like our competitors. Class 'A' and Class 'B' wood products were UL Listed until December of '08. We have withdrawn our Listing for economical reasons only, not because we've changed the product! The UL test report and info is still valid. We expect to re-initiate our listing when the economic climate warrants it.

products include; flame retardant liquids suitable for use on a wide range of wood or paper products as well as synthetic and natural textile fibers and blends; an extinguishing towel for small fires (such as stove fires); a craft spray for those crafty items that you'd like protected; and Christmas tree protection.

We will gladly put on a demonstration for volunteer fire departments, architects, builders, and other interested parties, showcasing our products. We typically will ignite (or try to) one treated and one untreated items to show the difference our Products will make.

uses include:
           Private multiple occupancy dwellings
           Nursing homes
           daycare centers
           Hotels and Casinos
           Jails and Prisons
           And Many, many more.

These products are available for residential use in your own home.

Our product line....

for Christmas Trees

for Fabric

Class 'A' for Wood

Class 'B' for wood

 Extinguishing Towel 911

Barrier Blanket (link coming soon)

Barrier Blanket Lite

Craft Spray


It is very important when comparingto our competitors, that you understand the differences in the chemical composition and the way they do business.

products are complex chemical compounds. They are non-toxic after drying.

 Be sure to ask about the base chemicals in other manufacturer's products. Be sure to ask them about toxicity.

Some of our competitors are more interested in selling territories than products.
doesn't sell territories, they sell products!

Some of our competitors have no experience in the fire suppression field or with flame retardants.
's President is a retired Fire Captain from the San Francisco Bay Area with 13 years suppression, training and Rescue experience. He has worked closely with the manufacturing and development of these products for the last 10+ years.

Please go to our "tests" area for all of our testing data.

We welcome any and all questions.


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